For Education

KarbonPad is designed with the interests of educators, teachers and students in mind.  Every educator acknowledges that actionable and unadulterated data lie at the very heart of effective teaching. ¬†Actionable data require regularly and consistently assessing students, but the biggest problem is time - the time it takes to score assessments and the time it takes to provide feedback to students.

With KarbonPad, assessments are carried out as always, with ordinary pen and paper, in classrooms.  There is just one major difference - the assessments are scored and reported instantaneously, done without any human intervention, with data integrity
and testing fidelity completely preserved.


We understand your responsibility is to ensure that teachers have the best resources to teach with, that you need the confidence of timely and tamperproof results to help you evaluate investments in the schools, and that you are ever mindful about budgets.  You demand a system that is easy to implement, can handle a multitude of assessments and tests and can serve as a teaching aid as well.  KarbonPad is this generation's education device made affordable for schools.

Designed for TEACHERS

We understand you want quality teaching time and not spend endless hours scoring tests or learning to use the next new gadget or program.  You want to evaluate your students’ abilities promptly, not lose valuable time waiting for assessment results to be returned to you.  KarbonPad extends your teaching day without extending your working hours.

Built for STUDENTS

We understand you are in school to learn.  You need to be tested regularly to gauge the level of your knowledge and understanding.  You deserve to know if your subject knowledge is on the right track.  KarbonPad helps you achieve your potential.


Making your work simply easier

See how this revolutionary product transforms teaching
and testing in schools.